How to Achieve Studio Quality Music Recording at Home

One of the best things about recent advancement in technology has meant that not only the quality of home recording gear has multiplied, but the costs associated with home recording devices has tumbled significantly, too. Whilst hiring a professional recording studio may allow you access to a producer if you can afford to break the bank, a professional quality recording is possible at home for just a fraction of the cost.

Depending on what kind of music you are wishing to record as well as how many musicians and members of your band there are, the equipment needed will vary greatly. The majority of equipment can be available to hire from many music shops, but if you want to purchase the equipment yourself, take note of some of the newest products on the market that can combine recording and editing.

Digital RecordersIf you are a budding singer-songwriter who wants to produce a simple acoustic album with minimal tracks, then a simple 8-track recording system will suffice for the majority of tasks. It is also a good start to get to know the types of recording equipment out there. Most “multi-trackers” are designed to incorporate a small mixing desk with a recording feature. These small devices are on which most bands start out to produce a decent quality demo.

Moving on from the smaller multi-trackers, you can purchase separate mixing tables when required. This is a great idea if you like to record live music and require the necessary additional mixing channels for the various instruments. A recording is made on a separate device, be it a laptop or computer or a hard drive recorder.

Use high-quality microphones

To get the best quality from your home recordings, you need to make sure you have high-quality professional microphones. The standard microphone for vocal applications in the music industry has to be the Shure SM58. This design classic is designed to last, give great frequency response and help project vocal tones across its range. Other instruments will require separate microphones that have other needs.

Shure SM58Whilst many instruments such as electric guitars, acoustic guitars and keyboards may already contain an output method, taking advantage of the right sound to improve recordings is an important and difficult task to achieve with home recording gear. In most cases, a direct output from an amplifier might give very different results from a microphone positioned to pick up its output. This is especially so with electric guitars when combined with specific vintage amps and cabinets.

high quality microphones

Acoustic guitars can benefit further from the use of microphones positioned to pick up the music from the sound hole, as well as pianos and percussive instruments. For drum kits, multiple microphones may be required to reach a dynamic tone that sounds professional, so play around with microphone placements to achieve the sound that you like.

Once you start to record your own music at home, make sure you have a way of recording and distributing your music. Many multi-trackers contain CD drives that allow for direct recording onto physical media. Play around with different settings to get the best sound from your recording gears. Take advantage of high-quality microphones and practise your music to get perfect recordings and you could soon be on your way to music superstardom.


The Typical Traits of the Modern Guitarist

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Whether you are setting out on your journey to become the greatest guitar legend of all time, or have a certain axe to grind with a fellow band member, the music scene plays host to all sorts of stereotypes. Whilst some of these labels are unfairly given to particular ‘musos’ others are rather typical of the type of characters and egos associated with musicians. Today we look at some of the typical characteristic of the average guitarist, and see if some of those stereotypes ring true in someone you are familiar with.

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The first breed of guitarist that people may be aware of is the guitarist with no gear. Not only are they an excellent guitarist that plays better than you, knows all of the bizarre scales that only Beethoven’s long-lost cousin should be able to know but this guitarist doesn’t even have an amp. Hell, he even pawned his last guitar to pay for his legendary partying. Always the first to sign up to a gig but needs an amp, guitar and transport but always have a huge collection of picks, armbands and AC/DC shirts to bring along.

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What with the guitarist that constantly needs to tune their guitars before, during and after each song during rehearsal a typical trait of the guitarist is obsessiveness. Whether it be an obsession to write the greatest song ever written, or to attach a mind-numbingly long solo onto the end of your favourite rehearsal song, this obsessiveness to succeed and to reach fame is often a good character trait when it comes to bringing the band together on projects.

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There are two types of guitarist that the majority of bands often employ: the rhythm guitarist and the lead guitarist. Each has their own specific place to ensure the music comes together nicely, but as we all know, musical differences are just the start of the problems when it comes to the subtle balance of power between these two characters. Each guitarist feels they are the better guitarist, and whilst the rhythm player takes pride in help keeping the band together, the lead guitarist is given a little more freedom of expression.

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Things start to go wrong when the lead guitarist feels that his parts should be played a lot louder than usual, and thus starts a battle of the loudness. To be in a band you must have a little bit of ego to help you with your stage presence, but a lot of guitarists tend to have a little more than most people. Not only should they be complemented about their skills on the axe, but also on the way they dress, the way they style their hair and also their extensive music collection that they are proud of.

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From egotistical screeching soloists to shoe-gazing long-haired rockers and technical guitar freaks that can play faster than Yngwie Malmsteen; backwards, guitarists will live long in the memories of many fans and fellow musicians alike as a rare breed of gifted, charismatic, obsessive and downright cool band members that despite their shortcomings in musical differences and show-stopping performances, are a necessary character that gives your band that cutting edge you might need.

The Biggest Rock Bands of The 20th Century

When it comes to popular modern music, nothing has made such an impact on popular culture- as well as much of a noise, as rock music. From catchy blues-based riffs to soaring solos that outlast many modern pop singers’ careers, the biggest names in rock have changed not only the genre but music in general. Here is a quick run-down of some of the biggest names in rock the world has ever seen – and will never forget.

Originating essentially from various localised forms of country music, and also being persuaded by certain vibes from jazz, folk and even classical music, rock has been responsible for changing what we thought possible by a guitarist. Thanks to the iconic influence of guitar manufacturers such as Gibson and Fender, rock legends have become known for their battle axes (if you will) and will go down in history as some of the most gifted and influential musicians of all time.

The Beatles


Influenced by the sounds of the great Elvis Presley, Bill Hayley and the blues guitars of the southern states of America, the Beatles have to be one of the most iconic influences in rock music history. With a career that lasted through some of the most musically relevant decades, record sales that dwarf some small countries’ GDP, and still having a huge influence on musicians today, The Fab Four have a track record that is hard to top.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Along with the Beatles, The Rolling Stones shared much of the same period through the 60s and 70s and have outlasted many rock bands that formed decades after their first appearance. The Stones had a more noticeable edge to their music, influencing generations that came after them and probably being seen as more of a pure rock band than The Beatles. The Stones are often looked at as the godfathers of modern rock music. The heavy blues influence is obvious and has given rise to a new generation of blues rock, popularising the rock and roll lifestyle.

Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin almost took over the world with their soaring guitar riffs and solos created by the legendary Jimmy Page and the vocals of Robert Plant. Few rock bands have achieved the success of Led Zeppelin and their sound is instantly recognisable. Having been the biggest band in the world at their time, they still enjoy huge record-breaking crowds today with a number of special come back gigs to delight the fans.



AC/DC are another hugely influential rock and hard rock band that changed the face of rock music forever. Being one of the highest grossing bands of all time, AC/DC has suffered many chops and changes to its line-up, like many big-name rock bands, but continues to be one of the most popular bands of all time. Influencing new generations of rock musicians, AC/DC has also influenced hoards of heavy metal bands, and are considered one of its earliest pioneers.

Rock music for a long time has been set to stay. It continues to influence, teach, entertain and grow at a steady pace that will outlast many other genres that have followed.

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Choosing a Guitar That Suits Your Style

When looking to take up a guitar as a hobby, there are many different choices to take into consideration; especially with your choice of guitar. But further down the track, when you develop your individual playing style further, choosing your axe can be just as – if not more – important. There are many difference types including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, PRS and Ibanez guitars, each having their own distinct history, sound and playing style suitability. To find out which guitar is best suited to you, there are a few things that you need to think about.



When testing out a guitar for the first time, make sure that you play the guitar on the clean channel of the amplifier. This will give you the best chance to hear the tone of the guitar, without being distorted too much with overdrive and distortion effects. You will notice that a Fender guitar, such as a Strat will have a high twang to it, this is distinctive of Fender, and something that only a true Fender guitar will be able to pull off. Of course, Fender has a range of guitars on offer, from the Strat, the Tele and the Jaguar and much, much more. The Strat is often said to be suited to lead and solo playing, whilst the Tele is well-known for being an exquisite rhythm guitar.



Japanese-made Ibanez guitars have a very modern feel and look. The brand is associated with heavy metal, rock and thrash styles of playing. These guitars often have hot pickups, which are single coiled and combined with humbuckers. Having three different pickups allows for a range of tones that is almost unparalleled.

Ibanez guitars combine many modern features such as a locking nut to help keep the guitar in tune during even the most outrageous of solos. A tremolo, which is a metal bar that allows for string bending, is also a defining feature. With Fender being the mainstay brand for country music, some soft rock, and prog rock, Ibanez is most definitely a heavy thrash metal player’s guitar.



Gibson is a company has changed the face of modern music and guitar forever. These guitars are hand-made and the brand has made quality and craftsmanship a top priority. With a wide range of guitar bodies available, from the classic 335 semi-acoustic to the iconic Gibson Les Paul to the futuristic looking Flying V, these guitars are suitable for all kinds of music from country to more intricate solo guitar plating. With players and supporters such as Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, and Gary Moore, certain models are associated with classic and progressive rock.

While it is possible to achieve certain guitar sounds with accessories likes stomp pedals and rack mount gear, nothing beats playing guitar that has been designed for a specific sound. You should also take into account the type of amplifier that you want to combine with your guitar, as it also will have a defining sound that will add to the tone of your guitar. Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes down to what style of music you enjoy playing! With a vast selection on offer and a team that is truly passionate about guitar playing, you’ll be well looked after at Guitar Paradise.

The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Music has changed dramatically in modern times. Many of the world’s biggest artists have little or no knowledge of musical theory and may not even by able to play a traditional instrument at all. It seems to have become a forgotten art, as modern artists have more frequently taken to computers to write their music. Yet there still remains is a certain respect and adoration in our society for people that are skilled at playing a traditional instrument.

benefits of letting kids learn how to play music

Music provides an escape from reality, a break from the stressful world, and the ability to really tap into your own sense of creativity. The particular playing style of each individual differs. Playing chords and tabs can be taught to anyone learning to play the guitar, yet the way each person plays often depends on their mood and personality. In the case of writing music, you will find that the feel of the song often reflects your own emotional state at the time. For instance, the best time to write a break up song is quite obviously when going through a break up. Music is all about tapping into your emotions in a creative way.


Not only is music a great way to express yourself, but it can also act as a workout for your brain. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and increase your memory capacity. By learning to play an instrument your motor skills naturally improve as well as your memory, hearing and visual ability. An improvement in motor skills enhances your overall coordination, which has a number of practical benefits. Some results have even shown that through the simple act of playing an instrument, your IQ could increase by 7 points in comparison to those who do not play any instrument at all. Music not only enhances your memory skills but also refines both your organisation skills and timing capabilities. Further, becoming a great musician requires a lot of time and effort, and committing yourself can help develop your discipline and time management skills.


Another reason to learn an instrument is the networking opportunities and the great fun you can have jamming with your friends, which requires teamwork skills. Whether in a band or an orchestra, you are required to listen to others while working together with their abilities. There really is nothing like playing and writing music, and with the use of home recording gear, just about anybody can write and share their own original music. By recording your music you can experiment with different things and really get a good grasp of how your music sounds from another perspective. If you have the commitment and focus, playing an instrument is a very rewarding experience.

If you’re looking to start playing the guitar or you’re interested in grabbing some home recording gear, pop into Guitar Paradise and have a chat to one of our team members!

The Instruments of Choice for Some of the World’s Famous Guitarists

We all have our specific tastes when it comes to our instrument of choice. Depending on your playing style and the type of music you want to play, different brands and models of guitars can be appropriate. In this article, you will find information about some of the world’s most famous guitar players and their ‘weapon of choice’.

Gibson Guitars

Bob Marley

The legendary Bob Marley was a very passionate Gibson guitar fan. In fact, he was very much in love with the Les Paul Special, so much so that he was buried in a mausoleum with the Gibson guitar by his side. In memory of this great musician, Gibson launched its release of a Bob Marley signature Les Paul Special in tribute of his love for Gibson guitars.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney of The Beatles was another influential Gibson enthusiast and a line of the Les Paul Standard was released in his honor. In fact, many of the members in the Beatles were all about Gibson guitars and this does include John Lennon, who used the J-160E during his time with the Beatles. Even after Lennon moved on from the Beatles, he still used Gibson guitars, including the Les Paul Special and Les Paul Junior.

Arguably the most famous guitarist known to play Gibson guitars is Elvis Presley, who used a 1956 J-200N Gibson guitar in both his presence in concerts and films. His passion for Gibson guitars was such that he engraved his name onto each on as a memoir of his successes and achievements.

Fender Guitars

Eric Clapton
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While there have been many great guitarists that have used Fenders, the musician I think of first is the great Eric Clapton. Clapton was initially a Gibson user however in 1967he switched over to Fender guitars and has since used a Stratocaster. In fact, Fender released a Clapton signature line in tribute to the great man. Over the year, Clapton and his Fender have written many a catchy riff and the guitar suits his blues-influenced playing style.

Jimy Hendrix
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Another renowned Fender guitarist was Jimi Hendrix who was a significant icon in developing the era of the blues. Hendrix was often seen with a Stratocaster on his right hand despite him being left-handed. Hendrix’s influence on the rise in popularity and demand of Fender guitars cannot be understated. In fact, when Hendrix was asked about his reaction to his famous on-stage burning of his Stratocaster, he replied with this: “The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar.” As a tribute Fender produced a limited edition Jimi Hendrix model Stratocaster.

Ibanez Guitars

Joe Satriani
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Often more suitable for heavy rock, Ibanez guitars have many famous advocates in the music industry. Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, known for their highly technical instrumental and experimental guitar playing, have used custom models throughout their careers.

Limp Bizkit
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Wes Borland, former guitarist from Limp Bizkit, about Ibanez guitars extending to custom made Ibanez guitars such as a 4 stringed baritone as well as the notable RG7 CST (which were of an extremely limited edition with only 18 made in 1999).
Other notable Ibanez guitarists include the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist, John Frusciante, with his use of the Ibanez RG250DX throughout the recording of the album Mother’s Milk in 1989.

The Most Famous Brands For Electric Guitars


Electric guitars offer a different kind of tones because of its added amplifier and metal strings, which is absent among Acoustic guitars. And due to its clear and loud sound, many people prefer this kind of guitars. This was first designed in 1931 and from then onwards many different manufacturers are manufacturing these Electric Guitars.

If you are a musician or even a mere music listener then there must not be a day when an Electric guitar’s sound didn’t groove you. These Electric Guitars were designed in 1931 by George Beauchamp, GM at National Guitar Corporation. But its Commercial production began in late summer 1932 by Ro-Pat-In –Corporation. From then onwards, Electric Guitars have been experiencing a lot of modifications.

These Electric guitar’s sounds are very different from the sounds of Acoustic Guitars. While Acoustic guitar’s sound largely depends on the vibration of the guitar’s body and the air within, an Electric Guitar’s sound depend on the electric signal, which is generated by the vibrations of metal strings near pickups. The signal then is modified by the amplifier and adds colouration to the final sound, giving it a clear & different tone.

Till now Electric Guitars have modified a lot and there are almost thirteen different kinds of Electric guitars. These Guitars vary depending on their body structure, Strings, and neck.

Recently there are many Guitar producers, who produce quality Electric Guitars. And some of the renowned Guitar brands are:

  • Gibson: Gibson Guitar Corporation was founded in 1902 and from then onwards it’s producing the world’s best guitars under different brand names. And it is renowned for world’s most iconic guitars; the Gibson Les Paul. The Gibson Electric guitars got the fame for their rich and clear tone. Every single store stock this company’s Electric Guitars.
    gibson guitar
  • Fender: Fender was founded in 1946, though it has been producing since the late 1920s.It’s Electric guitars are famous for its sound & look, as well. Fender has created versatile solid body electric guitars. These guitars were & still are famous among musicians from various genres. Some Fender players are Ritchie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kurt Cobain, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and many others. Fender electric guitars can be found in every single guitar stores.fender guitar
  • Epiphone: This is now a subsidiary of the Gibson and because of this may Epiphone electric guitars look like Gibson’s one. But this brand has also its own product lines. Epiphone’s Electric Guitars are famous for their great tone and playability. One can get the stock of this brand’s Electric guitar in any store.epiphone guitar
  • Ibanez:  It’s a Japanese Guitar Brand, got its brand name back in 1929.It manufactures different models of Electric Guitars. They are famous for their price & quality relationship. It’s famous among those who like to play hard rock or metal, for its nice & clean sound quality. Ibanez Electric guitars are also appropriate for beginners because it’s less expensive.ibanez guitar

The list of branded Electric Guitars is long. But above are some of the most famous brands stocked by every guitar stores. So, if you are guitar professional or even just a beginner, and want to grab a good brand of Electric Guitar, then you should visit our online guitar store Guitar Paradise in Melbourne or can just browse their sites online.

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