The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Music has changed dramatically in modern times. Many of the world’s biggest artists have little or no knowledge of musical theory and may not even by able to play a traditional instrument at all. It seems to have become a forgotten art, as modern artists have more frequently taken to computers to write their music. Yet there still remains is a certain respect and adoration in our society for people that are skilled at playing a traditional instrument.

benefits of letting kids learn how to play music

Music provides an escape from reality, a break from the stressful world, and the ability to really tap into your own sense of creativity. The particular playing style of each individual differs. Playing chords and tabs can be taught to anyone learning to play the guitar, yet the way each person plays often depends on their mood and personality. In the case of writing music, you will find that the feel of the song often reflects your own emotional state at the time. For instance, the best time to write a break up song is quite obviously when going through a break up. Music is all about tapping into your emotions in a creative way.


Not only is music a great way to express yourself, but it can also act as a workout for your brain. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument stimulates your brain and increase your memory capacity. By learning to play an instrument your motor skills naturally improve as well as your memory, hearing and visual ability. An improvement in motor skills enhances your overall coordination, which has a number of practical benefits. Some results have even shown that through the simple act of playing an instrument, your IQ could increase by 7 points in comparison to those who do not play any instrument at all. Music not only enhances your memory skills but also refines both your organisation skills and timing capabilities. Further, becoming a great musician requires a lot of time and effort, and committing yourself can help develop your discipline and time management skills.


Another reason to learn an instrument is the networking opportunities and the great fun you can have jamming with your friends, which requires teamwork skills. Whether in a band or an orchestra, you are required to listen to others while working together with their abilities. There really is nothing like playing and writing music, and with the use of home recording gear, just about anybody can write and share their own original music. By recording your music you can experiment with different things and really get a good grasp of how your music sounds from another perspective. If you have the commitment and focus, playing an instrument is a very rewarding experience.

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Join The Famous Musicians’ Team With Classic Gibson Guitars

There are numerous numbers of classic and renowned guitars, out there in the market. But the most famous and recognized classic guitar is the Gibson Guitar. This guitar brand will earn you a good deal of respect if you can get it from the right store.

There is a long list of rock stars that played Gibson Guitars and are totally connected with this classic Guitar brand. One of the most famous Gibson guitars is “Lucy” played by George Harrison. Jimi Hendrix, normally famous for using Gibson’s Stratocaster, used many other different Gibson guitars as well. And James Hetfield, the Metallica man, recently used Gibson’s Explorer model.

Gibson Guitars
Gibson Guitars

There are many varieties of Gibson Guitars, but the most classic is the original Les Paul.  This man, Les Paul was a jazz and country singer and a songwriter, as well. He was the great head behind inventing this ‘solid body’ Electric Guitar. He was actually one of the “Godfathers” of rock and roll. He experimented overdubbing, delay effects, multitrack recording. His playing technique was totally unique with unusual timing and extra ordinary cording sequence.

The 1st Gibson Les Paul was 1st sold on 1952. And this classic Gibson Guitars has a great place in the history of rock and roll.

If you want to buy a new Electric guitar, then try to get Gibson. Getting a Gibson means, getting in the team of many famous musicians. You just need to choose the model that suits you the best.

The good things about choosing Tascam 2488 Neo!!

The Tascam 2488 Portastudio is by far the most affordable 24-track recording and mixing workstation ever made for home studios — and the only model within three times its price range that can truly run 24 tracks at 24-bit/44.1kHz. Featuring 8 mic inputs, this recorder is up to the challenge of recording and mixing a full band. Create a fully mastered CD with excellent mastering effects; reverb, amp simulation, compression and EQ processing.

Tascam 2488 Neo
Tascam 2488 Neo

With eight mic inputs, the Tascam 2488neo is ready to handle a full band set up. The 2488neo employs a 3-band EQ on its 24 channels, providing flexibility for multi-track recording, and the digital format allows for 250 virtual tracks. In addition to its EQ capabilities, the Tascam 2488neo offers compression, reverb and amp simulation, and advances mixing options with the addition of a host of new digital mastering effects. These effects, along with the 2488neo’s digital editing tools, enable the user to mix and master a finished-sounding CD with relative ease. The Tascam 2488neo includes a stereo compressor on the stereo output, which allows users to put a final polish on the mix. And once the mix is mastered and ready, the 2488neo’s CD-RW drive makes it possible to burn a finished CD master

The Tascam 2488neo is the best value in a digital audio workstation recorder that I could find. The neo is fairly easy to use, compact and the manual is well-written. The basic 80 GB drive is great, but for big jobs upgrade to 160Gb. if you have a PC system too, make sure you link everything up – easy backups! I like this machine because it gathers all basic features you need from a recording studio to make your own product (demo or final CD), all of that for a very decent price, very easy to use.  It s a reliable product of good quality.

Bottom line is this: you can record, produce and master…AND burn to CD professional quality recordings using the Tascam 2488neo. And you can do it yourself, saving thousands of dollars in recording studio fees. What a fun toy! Just pop it out of the box plug it in and less than 15 minutes you can be recording, mixing, uploading music, to HD or CD!