6 Common Facts for Acoustic Guitar That You Never Heard Of!

Here acoustic guitar is the world’s most played instrument so far. It is considered one of the most versatile musical instrument as well. Most of us, for a time being, may decide to take up playing guitar.

As guitar craving has the highest rate of being fragile. So, keeping up the learning curve for non-dedicated musicians is hard. Here presenting some important and interesting facts about acoustic guitars. Some would seem funny to you. Some are pure historical data.

Have you ever thought when the earth first heard the guitar tuning! Do you know a guitar string used to made out of animal intestines? Never heard of! These kinds of interesting facts are closely related with your very own acoustic guitar. Let’s give them a check and cheer up mate!

First 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar

The Newest Paradigm

Now the internet is the make or breaks media for guitar. As 3D printed acoustic guitar has already hit the ground. Internet retailer and dealers now pushing the boundaries for acoustic guitars. Some brand introduces the newest trend to deliver through teachers. Now the paradigm in our genre is exposure, service, and value. A new revolution is now running by guitar stores on the online distribution system.

Long Gone History

Actually, guitars have been around us for at least 5,000 years. Spanish people first heard guitar playing in the 14th century. They are not in the centre of attention until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. We can thank Spanish people once more. As a Spaniard Antonio de Torres Jurado first introduce the classic dimensions and the look of the acoustic guitar.

Amazing Facts About Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Has the Strong Effect

The most modern member of the lute family has the strong effect in it. The use of synthetic matter has increased the ability to stay in tune. After the string effect, the neck style plays the most important role. Though guitar has been used for millennia, without the modern tool making the strong effect is really difficult. Die-cast tuners and note on the top and soundboard would help to stay in tune longer and louder than.

All About Material & Strings

Ever thought about what made the best kind of acoustic guitar? It’s none other than wood. As the ultimate vintage guitar is 3,500 years old, made out of wood and still alive at the Archaeological Museum in Cairo. The acoustic guitar traveled a lot started from Mesopotamia and Egypt to Europe. Your 6-stringed guitar started its journey with four string as well.

Care for Acoustic Guitar From Guitar Paradise

Care an Acoustic Is Not Easy

Only the best guitars live on the planet. So, most guitar manufacturers are quite stringent to ensure you of a flawless acoustic guitar. The real task started after you have simply fallen in love with it. An acoustic would never sound as loud as an electric one. If you take proper care, the sound would resemble the old fashion feel that help to easily get with them.

Innovations Are Going On

At first, the acoustic guitar was used as a rhythm instrument. We start using it as a lead instrument in the 20th century. Now the acoustic guitar you are playing is not traditional at all. Major guitar manufacturers create lots of innovation on their products. They give us steel string guitar and dreadnought guitar size as well.

Music of Acoustic Guitar

Easy to learn, hard to master is the long gone myth already. Sorry to say, passion and obsession are not enough. May be you started playing awful, still keeping continuity and grabbing the basics fast and farm would keep you on the right track on acoustic guitar playing.

Here we are. Already done with the six nuggets of trivia. These historical data may create some wow feeling. Some gut movement may arise from that intestine thing. Still, have respect and emotion for having your own acoustic guitar. Now decide to embrace your own acoustic guitar with whatever feeling now you have.

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Electric Guitars That You Would be Delighted to Have

The process of buying electric guitars is indeed a personal choice with bundles of things to be considered under hundreds of criteria. It is not at all as simple as the quality of wood or how the guitar looks. You are actually spending your hard earned cash and patience towards the taste of music the guitars offer.

As a guitar fanatic, you would love to have the luxury of both affordability and best tone quality in your favourite music companion. First, you have to set your level before buying an electric guitar. That level of your competency will easily lead you to buy the perfect suiting guitar for you.
Now let’s see some excellent electric guitars and brands that can amazingly suit your choice of music and as well as relatively affordable to your budget.

Fender American Stratocaster:

Fender American Stratocaster
Source: www.fender.com

Fender American Stratocaster is one of the supreme guitars in the history of electric guitars. It is also arguably considered the best fender electric guitar ever produced which was actually played by many of the greats in music. In a premium price, you can get a good mixture of good quality hardware, electric instruments and craftsmanship. With sensational sound quality, it provides amazing power, versatility and the classic strat sparkle. Synchronised, elegant and responsive tremolo bridge provides the perfect style of true classic music.

Fender American Telecaster:

Fender Telecaster - guitar paradise wordpress
Source: www.fender.com

One of the most renowned fender electric guitars, American Telecaster are one of the vintage stock of products that are produced by fender itself. It has a beautiful outlook with exact style points on the body and prototypical single cutaway as well as maple neck and fretboard. Like fender’s most of the products, it is also a joy to play music with it. With 22 jumbo frets, it provides an excellent range of modern and retro tones.


Epiphone Les Paul Standard:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - guitar paradise wordpress
Source: www.epiphone.com

If you are a beginner, you can go for Epiphone Les Paul Standard without any doubt in mind. This is one of the finest guitars for the entry level guitarists available in the market. With an authentic cutaway shape and mahogany body, neck and maple top, it is indeed one of the most beautiful guitars introduced by Epiphone. It has 22 medium jumbo frets with 2 classic alnico humbuckers at the neck and bridge. It can be said that the model is the perfect choice of electric guitars for any style of music and tone.


Gibson Les Paul Studio:

Gibson Les Paul Studio - Guitar Paradise WordPress
Source: www.gibson.com

Gibson’s iconic Les Paul Studio electric guitars are a perfect example of vintage style blending with modern components. Gibson electric guitar models are available with several colour choices with Les Paul signature cutaway shape and minimum weight mahogany back. The guitar has really beautiful outlook and real comfort feeling to hold. The electric components and craftsmanships are also very charming to give it a go on first look.

Make your choice wisely, keeping in mind with your competency and connectivity towards specific genres of music and tone. It is better to visit your local guitar store to have detailed knowledge of large ranges collection of electric guitars.

Useful Steps To Play Air Guitar

how to play air guitar.jpgWant to be a guitar legend but don’t have the skills to play the real thing? No worries! Playing air guitar can bring with it all of the thrills of playing your favourite songs at the biggest gigs without the need to even tune your axe. Air guitar has taken off big time, thanks in part to the world air guitar championships that held each year in celebration of the most entertaining personal hobby that everyone does at some point in their lives.

If you want to be the best air guitarist in the world, there are a few useful steps you can take to ensure that you are fully immersed into the air guitar experience, and are taking it seriously like the professionals.

Be Authentic

air guitarist.jpg
If you really want to play like the pros, you need nothing to play on except your supreme dancing skills, classic windmilling arm action and effective timing to make it look as though you are truly playing like a pro! Many air guitarists that are on the pro tour take authentic strumming techniques used by well-known guitarists to get them started, and add in custom moves to make their name.

Timing is one of the most important aspects of playing the air guitar, with many newcomers failing to get the proper synching of movement and audio. If you want to become a pro, choose a series of songs that you enjoy, but also know very well. Learn the intro, the melody and listen to the actual guitar parts to which you will be performing too.

Free your inner rock star

rock STAR.....jpg
Air guitar gives you the chance to play along with your favourite tunes without having home recording gear, wherever you are and with whatever song takes your fancy. Becoming good at it means you will be simulating playing the guitar, with added emphasis on stage presence, as well as technical abilities.

The idea is to use your body to show the excitement and energy you feel when you listen to your favourite tracks and to show others that you don’t need to play a real musical instrument to have fun and party on!

Dance, jump and riff your way to success with a few classic guitarist dance moves that will blow the audience away. Don’t just strum your air guitar like a shoe-stare guitarist, learn those big licks from Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend and all.

Take inspiration from air guitar heroes

air guitar heroes.jpg

The air guitar world championships have been going on for an astounding 20 years now, with the 2015 finals held in Finland, the Russian Kereel “Your Daddy” Blumenkrants being crowed world air guitar champion. Over the years the championship has spawned regional championships and with the last Australian Air Guitar Championship finals crowning Juzzy Truman its latest rock king.

As a form of movement and dance, the emphasis is on stage presence with an added ability to simulate playing a real guitar. Strumming techniques are employed when the big riffs of the soundtrack songs are played, whilst picking and fingerstyle technique are applauded for their authenticity during a performance.

Not only does playing the air guitar allow you to feel the music as it is intended to be heard and performed, it also frees you up of purchasing expensive guitars or guitar amps to collect. Participation is usually free for tournaments, with knock-out stages held to narrow down the field of contestants.

If you really love your guitar songs and you perform a little air guitar in the shower anyway, then this lifestyle may be the route to success for you. Try out your skills the next time your favourite song comes on the radio and even try entering the tournaments when they come to your hometown. You never know, you could be touring with your own air band in the not too distant future!

Guide For Buying a Fender Stratocaster

fender stratocaster title
When it comes to legendary guitars throughout the ages, nothing quite beats the glistening tones of a classic Fender Stratocaster. With a wealth of history behind it and a stadium-filling list of famous guitarists who swear by it, the range of Strats you can buy in the modern age seems a little daunting. But it doesn’t have to be, here is a quick guide on how to choose the right Fender Stratocaster for you and why this legendary guitar is so popular amongst guitarists worldwide.

The Fender Stratocaster was created in 1954 by a team of luthiers and designers that included Bill Carson, Freddie Tavares, George Fullteron and Leo Fender. Its success was brought on by a few famous guitarists of the time and due to its lightweight body, brilliantly clean and bright overall tone made it part of the sounds of the 50s and 60s.

Designed to sound different

designed to sound different
The classic Strat features a double cutaway body that allows for the playing of the notes higher up the fretboard, with the top horn of the instrument extended for balance. The balance, feel and shape of the guitar makes it one of the most comfortable instruments to play, and thanks to its unique design and type of wood used in its production it offers the distinct Strat tone that guitarists love so much.
There are many different models of Stratocaster, but the majority of them follow the same rules when it comes to construction and materials used. You can buy Strats that come in Alder, Ash, Poplar and Basswood bodies, Maple, Rosewood, Ebony and Pao Ferro fretboards, with a whole host of customizable electronics and options at the point of sale.

Growth in popularity

growth in popularity
Source: http://www.essm.net.au/little-wing-vce/

Used in just about every musical style you can think of, its take-up by legendary guitarists across the globe have raised its success as a lead guitar instrument throughout the decades, making it one of, if not the most popular professional guitars sold in the world.
Fender also launched a budget range of guitars under the Squier brand, allowing anyone to pick up and play the guitar that was designed by Fender to be more affordable for cash-strapped guitarists and beginners. Whilst being technically similar in terms of design, many of the Squier models offer excellent sound quality and construction, despite their inferior materials and electronics compared to the professional models.

Fender Classic Series

fender classic series
Source: https://www.themusiczoo.com/

One of the most popular models of Fender Stratocaster has to be the Fender Classic series of guitars. This series focuses on the tonal qualities and craftsmanship that went into the original models and are considered an excellent place for those looking for an authentic tone. Using era-specification materials and components, these classic models are the closest many people get to hear what a true vintage guitar would have sounded like in its day.

Fender Custom Shop Guitars

fender custom shop guitars
Source: http://iconicauctions.com

The custom shop is the place to go to if you are strapped for ideas and not for money. You get to choose almost every component for your guitar including a custom paint job, custom pickups, fretboard, body tonewood and selector switches for your preference to give you an unparalleled service when it comes to customization.
Custom shop guitars are mostly one-off guitars that are made for a specific artist or design and allow the craftsmanship of the luthiers at the workshop to perform their magic in creating modern art in the form of a musical instrument. Usually, custom shop guitars are purchased as an investment if you have any notions of getting one of these master-built guitars on the cheap.
Whatever your choice of model, there is a series in the line-up that is perfect for you. Want an authentic tone with great build quality to take on tour? Then the USA Fender Strats are right up your street. Want a Strat on a budget that also plays well? Then a Squier Fender Strat is the perfect learning tool. Choose from thousands of classic colours or a range of limited edition models to pick your perfect Strat that will be with you for a lifetime.

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How to Become a Professional Guitar Player

If you want to be good at what you do you have to practise at what you do, and playing the guitar is no different. For some people, playing the guitar comes naturally, but for others it takes determination and great effort to become the best. Even some of the world’s best guitar players never took any lessons, but you’d be surprised to find that even Jimi Hendrix, for all of his raw playing ability was actually classically trained. So what does it take to become a professional guitar player? Here are 5 great tips to get you started.

how to become a professinal guitar player

1. Don’t skip your lessons

Whilst you may feel that you have reached the level of god-like status as a guitarist, the truly great guitarist are always keen to learn. Ensuring that no matter what level of a guitarist you are, you always have the keen ability to learn new things and try new styles. This will not only make you a more rounded guitarist, but it will also open you up to a number of opportunities to join bands, get in on sessions and play the odd gig or two.

2. Join a band

One of the easiest ways to become a professional musician is to join a working band performing gigs and shows whenever you can. Whilst there isn’t a ton of money in it to get started, some of the best-earning guitarists ply their trade as wedding band guitarists or holiday camp musicians that are making a decent wage.

Many of these guitarists are on wages and so do not have to suffer if a gig goes wrong, or the drummer doesn’t turn up. Also, joining a band gives you an opportunity to be the next big thing, if you think you’ve got what it takes.

3. Write music

A great way to become a professional guitarist is to write music. You don’t have to even perform any gigs to make a decent amount of money in the industry, and if you write enough music that goes down well, you may find various artists buying your tracks or licensing them to use, as well as the opportunity for advertising agencies to license your tracks and make a name for yourself.

Focus on one type of music and create a whole library for agencies to buy from you. Stick to instrumentals to start with and you may find your voice when you sell a few tracks.

4. Jam with your buddies

Nothing gets your confidence boosted in music than when you are jamming with your friends or fellow band mates. This is the time when inspiration runs free and you are free to think about new songs, new ideas and even new job opportunities. Talk with your session buddies about how they see themselves progressing and encourage each other to follow through and reach their goals.

Becoming a professional guitarist is hard enough alone, so work together to find new opportunities to make a living with your love of music, and things may change quickly.

5. Become a session musician

Session musicians are required for a number of reasons by many different bands, groups, recording artists and advertising agencies. You must be a very competent guitarist with a decent amount of experience in recording or session playing, with a good knowledge of how a recording is made to get your foot in the door.

But once you find your way, you may be asked to play guitar on tracks by chart artists and big advertising companies to create their jingles or songs. It can pay well if the work is regular, so make a name for yourself and try out session guitarist as the perfect start.

It is well known that the brothers from the band The Darkness started out as session musicians, and many other famous guitarists did the same. It only takes a chance and the right timing to get ahead in the music industry, so if you work hard at what you love, others will see your passion and hand you the chance you have been waiting for!

The Top 5 Brands Of Guitar That Are Sure To Inspire The Rock Legend In Everyone

The best guitar brands remain on top all things considered so in case you’re searching for another acoustic or electric guitar it’s keen, to begin with, the huge names. These organizations have developed their notorieties throughout the years by creating fantastic instruments utilized by a portion of the best guitar players in the world. When it comes to playing the ultimate killer licks of your favourite songs, nothing quite beats the feel of imitating your own personal guitar hero. Choosing the right guitar to suit your individual rock legend status may seem difficult at first, but by sticking to these top 5 brands of guitar, you cannot go wrong. So step into the spotlight and find out which guitar suits you best in this quick rundown.

Gibson Guitars1. Gibson Guitars

Gibson is surely a household name due to their illustrious history in the manufacturing of superior musical instruments. Founded in 1888 by Orville Gibson, the company quickly found success in their ‘archtop’ guitars used famously by popular jazz musicians. The company exploded into the mainstream in the rock and roll era though, with the introduction of the Gibson 335 ‘dot’ semi-acoustic.

Gibson reached the heights of legendary axe status by creating the Les Paul – one of the most influential electric guitars ever created with players including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Pete Townsend and Gary Moore just to name the very tip of the iceberg.

Fender Guitars2.Fender Guitars

Fender guitars produce a range of high-quality musical instruments that along with Gibson make up the most widely known styles and sounds of guitars on the planet. The Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are just two guitars in their line-up that have reached mega-stardom in terms of sales, influence and playability.

With thousands of patents and innovations being made since Leo Fender founded the company all those years ago, The Strat and the Tele still remain the mainstay of just about any professional guitar players stock. Players such as Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison to name but a few, written some of their best songs on a Fender.

Ibanez Guitars3. Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez came out of Japan to many ovations at a time where it seemed that innovation had dried up a little during the 1970s. Created as a means to go to the extremes of what a guitar could sound like, the majority of modern Ibanez guitars are known for their precision parts, high build quality and their endorsements by some of the greatest heavy rock, metal and fusion guitar players around the world.

Ibanez teamed up with one of the most gifted guitar players of the past decade: Steve Vai and decided to work together to create one of the best hardware and player combinations to date. Some of the more famous players of Ibanez guitars include Tosin Abasi, George Benson, Adam Clayton and Marty Friedman of Megadeath.

PRS Guitars4. PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars was created by Paul Reed Smith, starting as merely a teenager at his high school campus during woodwork classes. He went on to team up with Ted McCarty – a former Gibson executive who created the ES-335 and started the PRS Guitar company rapidly.

Known for their super high build quality and their no-expenses-spared attitude towards exotic woods and other materials, PRS is enjoyed worldwide as one of the premier guitar manufacturers. Thought to be the foremost luthier in the world, Paul Reed Smith continues to innovate and experiment in a very crowded industry to this date.

Gretsch Guitars

5. Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch Guitars have a long history of being one of the finest guitar manufacturers in the world. Their history dates back to 1883 when Friedrich Gretsch took over the company as a teenager. Since then, their influential role in creating new types of pickups and body shapes for mainly jazz and rhythm guitars has been highly successful.

Guitar models such as the Gretsch country gentlemen have influenced whole swathes of guitarists around the globe, with the more famous guitarists including John Lennon, John Squire, Brian Jones, Neil Young and George Harrison, they must have got something right!

Why not take a look at your local guitar centre to find out what guitar best suits your playing style and the sound that you are after. Each guitar will have a different sound, so talk to an expert about pickup selections, types of wood as well as neck profiles and body shapes. You never know, in a few years’ time you might be listed here as one of the best players to endorse an iconic axe!

The Evolution of the Metal Genre

Today, the metal genre envelops a huge swathe of music ranging from super hard death rock metal to the lighter genre of classic metal. It has taken many decades to arrive at this point in history, made many bands, albums and guitars famous, but where did it all start and where will it end up? Let us take a look at the early beginnings of the metal genre, and see how far it has come today.


Many believe that the entire genre of metal started early in the 1960s, with the heavier rock music of bands that came out of predominately the UK, the US and in some parts of Australia. Generally with roots in the early blues music of the American south, metal was derived from a heavier style of rock and roll. In the early days to get a raw sounding guitar tone from your average Gibson or Fender guitars you needed to turn up your amplifier to get it to really sing.

Dirty, dirty tonel

The majority of amplifiers back then only had a single or double clean channel, there were no distortion pedals outside of an enthusiast’s garage, so getting that heavy, raw sound was key to getting rougher sounding rock music. Many musicians slashed their amp speakers with razor blades to achieve this, whilst others created distortion pedals to add to their system to create their very own unique sounds.

Some of the first metal and heavy metal bands included Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin as well as Deep Purple. These bands were often badly reviewed by critics, even though they garnered huge audiences that kept growing. Later, bands such as AC-DC, Judas Priest and Motorhead came onto the scene to create their very own versions of this mix of rock and heavy metal to create a whole new scene for the general public to enjoy.

Heavy to thrash to death!

Metal grew harder, louder and a little more glam during the 1980s when bands such as Motley Crue joined the scene, along with Poison and bands like Dokken. Metal turned heavier still later on when the trash metal genre grew popular with bands such as Slayer, Metallica coming on to the scene with huge adoration from fans of the genre.

Other expansions on the metal scene include Death Metal and Black Metal which are thought to be at the more extreme of the genre, whilst Nu Metal has proven popular with bands such as Slipknot coming on to the scene with a huge following and name recognition with the general public at large.

In this genre, the creation of equipment to go along with the music is always playing catch up. Whilst in the early years, bands were playing Les Pauls and Fender guitars, nowadays, an entire market of guitars, FX pedals and amplifiers is targeting at the metal, heavy metal, thrash metal genre through the introduction of guitars such as the Jackson King V, Gibson SG and amplifiers such as the Bogner Uberschall 120w, Soldano SLO-100 and a range of great Carvin amps to give your music that metal tone you’ve been looking for.