Electric Guitars That You Would be Delighted to Have

The process of buying electric guitars is indeed a personal choice with bundles of things to be considered under hundreds of criteria. It is not at all as simple as the quality of wood or how the guitar looks. You are actually spending your hard earned cash and patience towards the taste of music the guitars offer.

As a guitar fanatic, you would love to have the luxury of both affordability and best tone quality in your favourite music companion. First, you have to set your level before buying an electric guitar. That level of your competency will easily lead you to buy the perfect suiting guitar for you.
Now let’s see some excellent electric guitars and brands that can amazingly suit your choice of music and as well as relatively affordable to your budget.

Fender American Stratocaster:

Fender American Stratocaster
Source: www.fender.com

Fender American Stratocaster is one of the supreme guitars in the history of electric guitars. It is also arguably considered the best fender electric guitar ever produced which was actually played by many of the greats in music. In a premium price, you can get a good mixture of good quality hardware, electric instruments and craftsmanship. With sensational sound quality, it provides amazing power, versatility and the classic strat sparkle. Synchronised, elegant and responsive tremolo bridge provides the perfect style of true classic music.

Fender American Telecaster:

Fender Telecaster - guitar paradise wordpress
Source: www.fender.com

One of the most renowned fender electric guitars, American Telecaster are one of the vintage stock of products that are produced by fender itself. It has a beautiful outlook with exact style points on the body and prototypical single cutaway as well as maple neck and fretboard. Like fender’s most of the products, it is also a joy to play music with it. With 22 jumbo frets, it provides an excellent range of modern and retro tones.


Epiphone Les Paul Standard:

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - guitar paradise wordpress
Source: www.epiphone.com

If you are a beginner, you can go for Epiphone Les Paul Standard without any doubt in mind. This is one of the finest guitars for the entry level guitarists available in the market. With an authentic cutaway shape and mahogany body, neck and maple top, it is indeed one of the most beautiful guitars introduced by Epiphone. It has 22 medium jumbo frets with 2 classic alnico humbuckers at the neck and bridge. It can be said that the model is the perfect choice of electric guitars for any style of music and tone.


Gibson Les Paul Studio:

Gibson Les Paul Studio - Guitar Paradise WordPress
Source: www.gibson.com

Gibson’s iconic Les Paul Studio electric guitars are a perfect example of vintage style blending with modern components. Gibson electric guitar models are available with several colour choices with Les Paul signature cutaway shape and minimum weight mahogany back. The guitar has really beautiful outlook and real comfort feeling to hold. The electric components and craftsmanships are also very charming to give it a go on first look.

Make your choice wisely, keeping in mind with your competency and connectivity towards specific genres of music and tone. It is better to visit your local guitar store to have detailed knowledge of large ranges collection of electric guitars.


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