The Top 5 Brands Of Guitar That Are Sure To Inspire The Rock Legend In Everyone

The best guitar brands remain on top all things considered so in case you’re searching for another acoustic or electric guitar it’s keen, to begin with, the huge names. These organizations have developed their notorieties throughout the years by creating fantastic instruments utilized by a portion of the best guitar players in the world. When it comes to playing the ultimate killer licks of your favourite songs, nothing quite beats the feel of imitating your own personal guitar hero. Choosing the right guitar to suit your individual rock legend status may seem difficult at first, but by sticking to these top 5 brands of guitar, you cannot go wrong. So step into the spotlight and find out which guitar suits you best in this quick rundown.

Gibson Guitars1. Gibson Guitars

Gibson is surely a household name due to their illustrious history in the manufacturing of superior musical instruments. Founded in 1888 by Orville Gibson, the company quickly found success in their ‘archtop’ guitars used famously by popular jazz musicians. The company exploded into the mainstream in the rock and roll era though, with the introduction of the Gibson 335 ‘dot’ semi-acoustic.

Gibson reached the heights of legendary axe status by creating the Les Paul – one of the most influential electric guitars ever created with players including Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Pete Townsend and Gary Moore just to name the very tip of the iceberg.

Fender Guitars2.Fender Guitars

Fender guitars produce a range of high-quality musical instruments that along with Gibson make up the most widely known styles and sounds of guitars on the planet. The Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster are just two guitars in their line-up that have reached mega-stardom in terms of sales, influence and playability.

With thousands of patents and innovations being made since Leo Fender founded the company all those years ago, The Strat and the Tele still remain the mainstay of just about any professional guitar players stock. Players such as Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison to name but a few, written some of their best songs on a Fender.

Ibanez Guitars3. Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez came out of Japan to many ovations at a time where it seemed that innovation had dried up a little during the 1970s. Created as a means to go to the extremes of what a guitar could sound like, the majority of modern Ibanez guitars are known for their precision parts, high build quality and their endorsements by some of the greatest heavy rock, metal and fusion guitar players around the world.

Ibanez teamed up with one of the most gifted guitar players of the past decade: Steve Vai and decided to work together to create one of the best hardware and player combinations to date. Some of the more famous players of Ibanez guitars include Tosin Abasi, George Benson, Adam Clayton and Marty Friedman of Megadeath.

PRS Guitars4. PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars was created by Paul Reed Smith, starting as merely a teenager at his high school campus during woodwork classes. He went on to team up with Ted McCarty – a former Gibson executive who created the ES-335 and started the PRS Guitar company rapidly.

Known for their super high build quality and their no-expenses-spared attitude towards exotic woods and other materials, PRS is enjoyed worldwide as one of the premier guitar manufacturers. Thought to be the foremost luthier in the world, Paul Reed Smith continues to innovate and experiment in a very crowded industry to this date.

Gretsch Guitars

5. Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch Guitars have a long history of being one of the finest guitar manufacturers in the world. Their history dates back to 1883 when Friedrich Gretsch took over the company as a teenager. Since then, their influential role in creating new types of pickups and body shapes for mainly jazz and rhythm guitars has been highly successful.

Guitar models such as the Gretsch country gentlemen have influenced whole swathes of guitarists around the globe, with the more famous guitarists including John Lennon, John Squire, Brian Jones, Neil Young and George Harrison, they must have got something right!

Why not take a look at your local guitar centre to find out what guitar best suits your playing style and the sound that you are after. Each guitar will have a different sound, so talk to an expert about pickup selections, types of wood as well as neck profiles and body shapes. You never know, in a few years’ time you might be listed here as one of the best players to endorse an iconic axe!


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