Choosing a Guitar That Suits Your Style

When looking to take up a guitar as a hobby, there are many different choices to take into consideration; especially with your choice of guitar. But further down the track, when you develop your individual playing style further, choosing your axe can be just as – if not more – important. There are many difference types including Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, PRS and Ibanez guitars, each having their own distinct history, sound and playing style suitability. To find out which guitar is best suited to you, there are a few things that you need to think about.



When testing out a guitar for the first time, make sure that you play the guitar on the clean channel of the amplifier. This will give you the best chance to hear the tone of the guitar, without being distorted too much with overdrive and distortion effects. You will notice that a Fender guitar, such as a Strat will have a high twang to it, this is distinctive of Fender, and something that only a true Fender guitar will be able to pull off. Of course, Fender has a range of guitars on offer, from the Strat, the Tele and the Jaguar and much, much more. The Strat is often said to be suited to lead and solo playing, whilst the Tele is well-known for being an exquisite rhythm guitar.



Japanese-made Ibanez guitars have a very modern feel and look. The brand is associated with heavy metal, rock and thrash styles of playing. These guitars often have hot pickups, which are single coiled and combined with humbuckers. Having three different pickups allows for a range of tones that is almost unparalleled.

Ibanez guitars combine many modern features such as a locking nut to help keep the guitar in tune during even the most outrageous of solos. A tremolo, which is a metal bar that allows for string bending, is also a defining feature. With Fender being the mainstay brand for country music, some soft rock, and prog rock, Ibanez is most definitely a heavy thrash metal player’s guitar.



Gibson is a company has changed the face of modern music and guitar forever. These guitars are hand-made and the brand has made quality and craftsmanship a top priority. With a wide range of guitar bodies available, from the classic 335 semi-acoustic to the iconic Gibson Les Paul to the futuristic looking Flying V, these guitars are suitable for all kinds of music from country to more intricate solo guitar plating. With players and supporters such as Led Zeppelin, AC-DC, and Gary Moore, certain models are associated with classic and progressive rock.

While it is possible to achieve certain guitar sounds with accessories likes stomp pedals and rack mount gear, nothing beats playing guitar that has been designed for a specific sound. You should also take into account the type of amplifier that you want to combine with your guitar, as it also will have a defining sound that will add to the tone of your guitar. Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes down to what style of music you enjoy playing! With a vast selection on offer and a team that is truly passionate about guitar playing, you’ll be well looked after at Guitar Paradise.


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