Best Epiphone Electric Guitar of 2012


To get these varieties visit Guitar paradise in Australia. Their guitars suit all playing styles and budget. The guitars in the Guitar Paradise are shipped fully set up. The shipment is accompanied by a full manufacturers warranty. The main advantage is that they have a flat freight charge in almost all parts of Australia and has the best prices for its wide range of products.

One type of the electric guitars is the Epiphone Les Pauls guitar.  These guitars are much more than the cheap Gibsons. Les Paul has endorsed the Epiphone guitars as the only non-Gibsons guitars. These well- manufactured guitars whose sound is greater than any other‘s can are suited to any stage or studio.

To ensure that you buy the best Epiphone guitar, start where the range starts. The range starts with the budget special 2 model whose top is flat and the neck has a bolt.  The upper in the range you go the better build quality you get. These higher quality Epiphones are almost similar to Gibson Les Pauls whose top is carved, has a mahogany body and a set neck glued on the body.  The higher in the range you are the better the hardware becomes and the pickups.

The first range of the Les Paul Epiphone guitar is Ebony, Vintage Sunburst, Wine red & Heritage Sunburst.  It is synonymous with Rock and Roll because no other guitar with its power, its sound and it’s sustain. It usually has Les Paul’s Signature on its headstock for easier recognition. Don’t accept substitutes.

Epiphone SG-Special Electric is another model whose body is laminated. It brings out a classic style and a terrific performance. It is pocket-friendly but has a limited lifetime warranty. Its model is Ebony or Cherry. SG Epiphone is Epiphone Goth G-400 is another SG Epiphone whose model is a twisted version of Gibson ’62 SG. Its body is solid mahogany and its neck is the slim-tapered   set of mahogany. Others are Epiphone G400 custom SG-styled electric guitar and Epiphone G-310 SG Electric Guitar.

Epiphone Archtop Series is made up of various models. These models include Epiphone Dot Studio Semi-Hollow Electric guitar, Epiphone Dot Electric Guitar, Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar and Epiphone ES-175 Electric guitar. These Archtop guitars are affordable to any player and are widely recognised

Epiphone Designer series includes guitars such as Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying whose body is made of Korina wood which is self-enhancing and the neck is maple with rosewood fingerboard. Epiphone Goth 1958 Explorer Hardtail Electric Guitar is another Designer series. Its use is for heavy riffs. It is made with hardware which is Black Chrome, Fretboard from rosewood and has side markers. A finish of black satin is also a distinguishing feature. The other in the designer series is the Firebird studio which delivers all that the players want. It has a mahogany body and set neck also mahogany. Other features include dot fretboard inlays, a tailpiece of stop bar and chrome hardware.

If looking for an electric guitar surely Epiphone Electric Guitar is the first consideration in your mind, Guitar paradise is there to solve all guitar issues. Definitely, the best guitars with most affordable prices and no disappointment are the Epiphone Electric Guitar.


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